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5 Things You’ll See on Our Liverpool Bus Tour

30th April 2020 / Latest News
5 things you’ll see on our liverpool bus tour

Our Liverpool bus tour is a great sightseeing option for Liverpool FC supporters, but it’s not all about Anfield and this wonderful football club. During your visit to Anfield you will come across some fantastic attractions that have become very popular with tourists.

In this article we will highlight 5 of the best sightseeing attractions you can spot on our Liverpool bus tour.

The Three Graces

The Three Graces are perhaps the city’s most famous buildings and they form a formidable part of the stunning Liverpool skyline and waterfront scenery. These iconic buildings comprise of the Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building. All three buildings look majestic along the Pier Head and boast a rich history. With their stunning architecture and famous backstories, these buildings are a hotspot for tourists. Our bus tour drives past these iconic buildings and stops nearby so the Three Graces is absolutely one of the best sights you’ll see on our tour.

The Beatles Statue

Next up is the famous Beatles Statue. This statue is now one of the best places in the city for capturing a picture to remember your visit to Liverpool. The bronze statue features the ‘Fab Four’ and was installed five years ago to commemorate 50 years since the Beatles played their last show in the city. So why not hop off board, grab a selfie with Liverpool’s most famous quartet and then get back on the bus to continue your adventure.

Victoria Street

Following a trip along the Pier Head, our Anfield bus will then travel further through the city centre towards Victoria Street where we will stop outside the Shankly Museum. As explained on our tour information page, the Shankly Museum is a must-visit for any fan who wants to learn more about the great man behind the club’s renaissance in the 1960s, Bill Shankly. Victoria Street is one of the liveliest streets in the city. Here you can find everything from international cuisine and shopping to lively bars and clubs. Matthew Street is just off Victoria Street where you can find more bars including the famous Cavern Club.

Everton Park

When the bus leaves the city centre, it will shortly come across Everton Park. This is considered to be one of the best places in Liverpool to catch an incredible view of the city centre due to the park’s elevated position. As we drive past the park, you will see everything that makes the city’s skyline unique, from the iconic cathedrals to the magnificent buildings along the waterfront. Get your cameras ready and snap what will be one of the best photos of your visit!


Of course we have to mention Anfield! The area that houses the stadium belonging to Liverpool FC may be a residential area but there’s still plenty of things to see here other than the stadium. The area itself is currently undergoing several regeneration projects and in a few year’s time it will all look very different. As the bus travels up Walton Breck Road you will start to get an exciting glimpse of the Kop end of the stadium. Along the way you’ll see the fan-favourite The Twelfth Man pub just before the stunning Main Stand comes into view. Surrounding Anfield is a range of local businesses that are worth visiting, such as the Homebaked bakery. When we stop right outside Anfield, your choices are endless. Do you head to the superstore first or perhaps grab a bite to eat at The Boot Room Sports Cafe?

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