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Why Choose a Bus for Your Sightseeing Tour over Walking?

26th July 2018 / Latest News
why choose a bus for your sightseeing tour over walking?

You’ve decided you want to explore a new city, but do you know which type of tour is best for your sightseeing adventure?

When it comes to choosing a sightseeing tour, your choice of transport could be by bus or walking. Each will have a number of differences which can affect the overall enjoyment of your tour and what you want to get out of the experience. You will have to consider what landmarks you want to visit, the distance required and your walking capability.

Bus Sightseeing Tours vs. Walking Tours

Here are a few reasons for choosing a bus tour instead of a walking tour:

  • Bus tours are able to cover more ground allowing you to tick off more attractions from your must-see list
  • Are you a complete newcomer to the city? You might feel quite uncomfortable walking around areas you know little about
  • The weather can be unpredictable, especially in Liverpool! With an open top bus you can catch the refreshing air upstairs or seek warmth and shelter below
  • Are you uncomfortable walking for long periods? Relax your legs while going from place to place
  • Catch a unique perspective of landmarks from a higher vantage point

Ultimately, a bus tour will get you greater value for your money compared to walking. You will be able to cover more ground over the course of a few hours and thus have the opportunity to check out a larger number of landmarks. This is even more of an efficient choice when you go with a hop on hop off bus, allowing you to combine the two. Simply choose when you want to relax your legs and learn about the city from an onboard tour guide. Then, when you’re ready, just hop off at a designated stop to explore the city yourself on foot.

With the LFC City Explorer tour bus, you will experience some of the best sights in Liverpool including incredible views of the city from Everton Park. Our open top bus takes you on an exhilarating sightseeing journey from the Albert Dock to Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium.

By staying in the city during your visit, you won’t have to rush your itinerary and can retreat to your room after our exhilarating full-day bus tour. This allows you to check out the city in its full glory and ensures you don’t miss a thing. We recommended staying at one of the many hotels throughout the city, such as the Richmond Hotel, a luxury apart-hotel in Liverpool.

Are you interested in discovering Liverpool in style? To find out more about what is going on in the city, visit the Liverpool Noise blog. Click here to book an Anfield bus tour.

The Best Way to Tour the Home of Liverpool FC
  • Visit LFC’s stadium in Anfield
  • See the best views in Liverpool
  • Live tour guide on-board
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